There are several options for your large format print needs. We can make black and white copies up to 36" wide, which works great for blueprints. If you are looking for top notch archival color prints, our Epson StylusPro 9890 produces amazing quality prints on materials such as canvas, watercolor paper, photographic paper, glossy poster paper, ultra smooth fine art (100% cotton) and more. The combination of the archival Ultrachrome K3 ink system with Epson's premium art papers will guarantee a beautiful print that will last a lifetime.

We specialize in the Giclée printing process that provides better color accuracy and incredible detail using high resolution scans. If you are an artist looking to have your work reproduced, you are in the right place! We can scan and print your works in various sizes, on various materials (and even turn them into notecards, postcards, ect.) so you do not have to part with the original if you do not want to. Gateway Graphics can help you with limited print runs and provide Certificates of Authenticity to complete your fine art needs.

This process is also great for restoring old photographs. We can restore them and print them again so they never fade. The scanning also includes a disc containing all of your files so you have them in an organized digital format. Don't put those treasures in the mail! 


Our portable scanner is great for digitizing large documents. Work at a utility company with a room full of aging maps? Or a cemetery with ancient plot records building up and fading out? We can bring our equipment to you, set up and get to work so your irreplaceable and/or delicate documents never have to leave a safe place.  


Our new cold press lamination machine can cover up to 24" wide. It uses pressure only, no heat so it's great for delicate documents. We use a UV resistant lamination to fight fade out, ensuring long lasting protection.